HTC One M8 officially announced evolutionary upgrade of previous androids!!!!

HTC One M8 officially announced the presentation of their smart phones after a parade of specs, videos and photos of the new product. For months the mobile connoisseurs and technoids have been holding their breath hard for the device to surface with an array of techy advantages.

Novelty in the design and hardware details have placed the HTC One M8 officially announced somewhat a cutting edge product of the time. An improved fit and finish of the handset takes in its metal content of 70%-90%, amputation of capacitive keys, inclusion of Boom Sound Speakers and micro SD card all these have put it miles ahead of the HTC One 7 and on a par with the other reputed brands of smart phones.

The HTC One M8 officially launched also offers its customers the amenities that the company claims to be only one of its kinds to the mobile users of all time. It has an 801 processor of 2.3 GHz of Qualcomm Snapdragon, a battery of 2,600 mAh, a 5 megapixel front camera, an Android platform of HTC Sense6, a 5” LCD display of Gorilla Glass 3, front facing stereo speakers with typical HTC Boom Sound and many more to keep it at your list priorities.