Another flagship jumps in the fray. HTC has finally unveiled its new flagship HTC One 2 aka M8. With the emergence of the HTC One M8, the company authorities hope to make a thundering comeback. The new HTC One 2 aka  M8 sees major change in terms of design as compared to HTC One.

Although the company boasted of the cutting edge technology being instrumented, there seems a lack of it. According to industry pundits, HTC M8 has failed to impress  in terms of design, camera, software, processor and overall technical niceties.  With the most premium of brands in Smartphone, the users were looking forward to a low cost device with corresponding advantages. According to Zach Epstein, the HTC One M8 has failed to capture quality photos and videos that forms a part and parcel of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as in all these media sites sharing of photos is exceedingly popular.