HTC One Up’ to be Released Soon with New Alleged Photos Revealed Again

HTC One aka M8 aka HTC One Up is sought to be the first release from HTC and the release date may arrive soon as the new images of the device has been released again.

As per TechRadar, HardForum posted claimed of testing the device. As per the user, a lot of bugs could be expected from the device in comparison to the previous model but the device will be better and quicker than GS4. The dual rear 4MP camera was described as “crisp” and “incredible” by the user.

 With a little larger design, light shade ring encircling the larger back camera sensor, the design of the back seems quite like the previously leaked images. Slated to be released on the 25th of March and will come compacted with fingerprint sensor, Kitkat OS and dual camera. As per Digital Spy, the dual camera was released at the Mobile World Congress of this year.

The biggest competitor to Galaxy S5, the HTC One Up will surely define its sovereign in the coming time. HTC made a stab on S5 stating that customers who choose to purchase GS5, will undergo a buyer’s regret on 25th March. The Tweet Tag of #HTCOneUp revealed the name of the device.