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HTC One 2 (M8) Leak Suggests Killer Features But The Device May Replicate HTC One Issues

ilife_hero There are speculations that he users may face same issues with HTC One 2, which they face with its predecessor. Lets take a look at some of the issues the users faced with HTC One, which we hope, don’t appear in HTC One 2 (M8):

Hue in Camera

While taking pictures from HTC One the users experienced blue, red and purple hue and Android 4.3 update failed to resolve the issue.

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Buzzing sound while speaking on the phone

Some users also experienced buzzing sound in the phone while listening to an audio. HTC One speakers and headphone gave a perpetual hiss sound when the audio was turned off.

Quality issues

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Some of HTC one units had gaps between plastic metal, scratches and bulges.

Home and Back keys

The Home and Back keys of HTC one sometimes became unresponsive.

Sensor issues

A few units of HTC One also suffered sensor malfunction issues

Battery drain

Certain phone units even face unique battery drain issues

So here are the problems users faced with HTC one, we HTC One 2 will come sans such issues.

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