HTC One is finally set to get an official successor. Despite, no line from the makers, Chinese Weibo has unveiled the next step up from HTC—the HTC M8. Our source here is that leaked images it spotted on the Chinese site. The M8 has been part of rumors for some time now and with its blockbuster looks, it is sure to hit bull’s eye. While the smartphone is practically larger than its predecessor is, we are yet to zoom in on the finer details such as shutter and processor.

While some experts opine that the viral images are cons and there has been no mongering form HTC stable, we believe, the hint is too strong to miss. With the M8 expected to see release officially at events in London and New York by the end of March we barely can afford to miss such buzz. More so, via tweets from @vkleaks, reveal interesting cases for the HTC M8—with these also equipped to display dates and time.

Let us wait until this month for the truth to prevail! The HTC M8 will already be a sensation by then.