HTC One M9 users have been awaiting the latest update for the software suite for long. In a viral leak from LlabtooFeR, we have seen a couple of screenshots over Twitter for the upcoming update. If initial information can be trusted, then the update will improve the battery life of the HTC One M9 handset substantially.

HTC M9 To Get Long Awaited Update,Users Can Expect End To Battery BugUsers will have to update their phones to this new version 1.40 to bid goodbye to hang ups around the battery life bit on the device. In fact, the major complaint from users has always been inability to browse the web on a decent battery power for long.

Until now, the HTC model generally lasts 5 hours 12 minutes, according to PCMark test results for battery performance. This is far less than what HTC M9 offers.
Post the new update, HTC M9 owners will be able to charge their ware on a round to make it last round the day unless there is heavy duty video watching in a string. At least this is what the tweets reveal. Expect the same to stroll into the block sometime in the coming week.