@LlabTooFeR—uour read it right! This is one of the Twitter members labeled to be the ‘most updated’ messenger about HTC. His recent tweets state that the upcoming HTC M7 is being hailed as a sequel to highly promising HTC DROID DNA. Its ‘DLXPLUS’, the codenamed listing of the specifications of the sequel is also doing the rounds on Twitter.

The FHD 4.7 inch screen harks back to the prequel along with the 468ppi pixel density– Hey, I’ve heard this spec earlier. Yes, this was part of few stories related to HTC M7. Truly, the specs revealed by @LlabTooFeR seem to  match perfectly.

Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 Quad-core 1.7GHz processor, 16 GB native storage and 2 GB of Ram are the other reasons why you could be in for seduction by HTC M7. Striking features are rear facing 13 MP camera and front-facing 2.1 MP camera. To run on top you may choose Sense 50, but you will get pre-installed Jelly Bean.

As per the hints from the tweet, Verizon would stay with the name DROID DNA for the sequel whereas Sprint would call it HTC M7. For us we just want it soon—what’s in a name?