Taiwan-based HTC Corp has come out in defense of the settlement over the patent lawsuits it has reached with Apple. HTC CEO Peter Chou has slammed the media for reporting that the details of the agreement were outrageous. The two companies had made the announcement about a 10-year licensing agreement and a global patent settlement earlier this month.
While neither of the companies has discussed the terms of the agreement in detail, HTC has commented that this decision will not affect its fourth-quarter guidance. As per media reports, HTC will have to shell out between $6 and $8 per Android phone to Apple, which Chou has dismissed as outrageous claims. Chou, however, refused to comment on specific numbers related to the agreement.
Apple had filed a lawsuit against HTC in 2010, which was the first Android smartphone company it had targeted for alleged patent infringement. Subsequently, Apple went on to file similar lawsuits against Samsung and Motorola as well.