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HS30EXR Is The New Fujifilm Baby To Come To India

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The latest to come out from Fujifilm India is HS30EXR. This new camera is the latest addition to the high zoom capabilities and super macro mode camera line up.

According to a spokesperson from Fujifilm the camera is a lethal package of features, which include the EXR technology behind its sensor and processor, high speed shooting functions, film simulation mode, a high contrast 3.0-inch large LCD screen, advanced shooting modes etc. Fujifilm has priced this product in India at Rs 26,999.

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Fujifilm states that with a 1cm super macro function the camera gives you pictures in extreme details. The Fujinon lens delivers optical quality cross the entire zoom range from wide-angle 24mm to 30x telephoto.

Akin to telephoto lens , the Intelligent Digital Zoom,  which is controlled by Function (Fn) button  offers 60X magnifying power . The amazing zooming features lets the photographers tackle the subject matters in more detail.

Fujifilm has claimed that while capturing 1080p Full HD movie at 30 frames per second, HS30EXR also has some key improvements from the predecessors. It allows a user to focus manually during movie shooting for more creative focusing effects.

The quality of still images has been improved by using technologies such as Face Detection and Tracking AF.

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“The HS range is enriched with versatile functionalities and will be desired by those photographers who do not want the lens-changing capability of a DSLR, but are still keen on the total control over their images. HS30EXR is one such camera in prosumer/bridge category by Fujifilm’, said Mr. Rohit Pandit, EVP – Sales and Marketing, Fujifilm India.


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