It is a fact that Windows 8 did not impress users as much as Microsoft thought it would. Although it tried to contain the damage by releasing Windows 8.1, it is Windows 7 that is still considered to to be the strongest release as yet. HP has announced that will bring back Windows 7 to PCs based on ‘popular demand’. 

So it comes as no surprise that the tech giant would like its next release to incorporate some of the Windows 7 user-satisfaction features. Windows 8.2/Windows 9 is most likely to blend in elements of the traditional desktop with the contemporary Metro/Modern UI. Also in the offing is to completely re-haul the Metro design.

Having learnt the lesson the hard way and taking no chances with the debacle of both Windows Vista and Windows 8 still fresh in mind, Microsoft is gearing up to come up with its next major release in 2015 making the wait for tech-lovers that much longer. It is also believed that it is planning to brand its next release as Windows 9 in an attempt to completely distance itself from the Windows 8 fiasco. Will this strategy work for Microsoft? As the adage goes…the proof of the pudding is in eating it!