How Would Microsoft Surface 2 Release Effect The Apple iPad Mini 2 and Apple iPad 5 Alleged Release on October 15?



Microsoft Surface pro 2 and Surface 2 release is yet to be released but in an announcement made at an event in New York both the tablets would launch with Windows 8.1. According to, “Surface chief Panos Panay Surface pro 2 would take away  people’s attention from iPad “. The new Microsoft Surface would come with a  0.6 inch screen and a full 1080p full HD display. Also the successor of Microsoft would be thinner and lighter. The tablet would be powered by Nvidia Tegra 4 ARM-based processor and would come in black and silver colors.

Apple iPad Mini 2 vs Apple iPad 5 vs Microsoft Surface 2

So would Microsoft Surface Pro 2 give competition to upcoming Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad Mini2? Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad mini 2 release is rumored to be October 15. Both the tablets would come with iOS 7 and coveted retina display. What’s more the  tablets would sport a 9.7 and  7.9 inch screen.  There are also rumors that Apple iPad mini 2 and Apple iPad5 battery life would be more than Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad mini and there is going to be no price hike in Apple iPad 5 and iPad mini2.

Google Nexus 7 vs Apple iPad 5

Both the tablets are going to give tough completion to Microsoft Surface pro 2 and Surface 2. Apple has always had a lead in the Tablet market. With players like Google Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface pro 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 coming in Apple is sure to feel the heat. What do you think, would surface pro 2 beat Apple iPad 5 and Apple iPad mini2 ?

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