Sony finally unveiled its much awaited Xperia Z 5-inch phablet during the CES 2013 event, and managed to turn quite a few heads with it. But 2013 has just begun and despite its fabulous specs and offerings, we wonder if it stands a chance against Samsung’s and Apple’s flagship bestsellers when they launch their updated models later this year.

Display: For now, its specs do sound real good, when compared against the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Its 5-inch full HD display has a much higher resolution and with Sony’s Mobile BRAVIA Engine 2 technology, it reproduces images brilliantly. But the iPhone 6 is rumored to sport a bigger 4.8-inch screen – one of the biggest complaints we had against the iPhone 5’s limited 4-inch display. Also, we’ve been hearing rumors that the Galaxy S4 could also sport a 5-inch HD display with a resolution of 440 ppi. The Galaxy Note 3 is rumored to have a 6.3-inch full HD OLED display.

Internal storage: In terms of storage space, we’re hearing rumors that the iPhone 6 could have 128GB of internal storage. If this is true, then the Xperia Z’s 16 GB internal storage would appear far too limited in comparison. Also, if we take the Galaxy Note 2 as reference, we can hope to see at least 64GB of internal storage in the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 3 as well.

Camera: Sony Xperia Z’s 13MP camera may face stiff competition from Samsung Galaxy S4’s 13 MP camera. Also, rumor has it that Apple may put in a Super HD camera in the iPhone 6, which could make things more difficult for the Xperia Z. We haven’t heard anything about the camera on the Galaxy Note 3, but are hoping it would have a resolution of at least 13 MP like the Galaxy S4.

OS: Samsung’s flagship devices would most likely run on Android 5.0, which promises to be much better than the present Android Jelly Bean. Apple will also make the next version of iOS more powerful and versatile, which could make the Xperia Z running on Android 4.1 almost obsolete, unless it receives an upgrade to Android 5.0.s