5 iOS Games Of 2015 You Cannot Overlook

CrossyRoadiOS_1The market is flooded with gaming apps and millions of titles abound. There are tons of games competing with one another even within specific genres. So many, that it’s difficult to find a good game
unless one becomes a total sensation (read: the likes of Angry Birds or Clash Of Clans).
As we near the end of 2015, it’s a good time to look back at some of the more noteworthy gaming apps we’ve been at this year. Many of them have been easy to overlook with the unending roulette of apps. We look at five gaming apps that got a dedicated audience and deserve a mention:

1. Crossy Road

This was one of the hottest app games of the summer and was designed by Hipster Whale. They specialise in a sort of retro approach to new-age arcade games. The company also put out Pac-Man 256, an endless maze version of the ordinary Pac-Man. With these two titles, they’re starting to be one of the more renowned developers.
Crossy Road itself is
a Frogger-inspired take on the age-old question, “why did the chicken cross the road?” That means you’re hopping across busy highway lanes as a pixel-drawn chicken so it’s endless fun.

2. Agar.io

Miniclip has had a hit on its hands for a while with Agar.io that has been a popular browser-based Internet game for a while. But it’s also suited to play as an app because it works just fine with a touchscreen and makes use of Wi-Fi connectivity to connect with other users.
For those unfamiliar with the app or original browser game, you’re tasked with controlling a blob of space. You can think of yourself as a virus looking to consumer others’ blobs to increase your own reach. There’s a bit more to it than that, but you essentially want to keep growing and expanding at the expense of others while avoiding bigger players who could be a threat to you. It’s a combination between a challenging puzzle and an everyday time waster, and a must-have for any regular app gamer.

3. Avengers Alliance

Plenty of fans have complained over the years about Marvel’s lack of a strong presence in current generation consoles, and it’s a fair argument. But the entertainment giant has always been competitive online, and this game feels like an extension of that success.
Marvel Heroes 2015 has become one of the more impressive MMO options online, and Gala Casino’s selection of online casino games offers a satisfying variety of Marvel characters. Games like these exemplify the best of Marvel gaming—Heroes being a massive world RPG, and the casino games roping in most of the popular Avengers with their own titles.
Avengers Alliance, too, excels by compiling numerous Marvel heroes, and that alone makes it worth a look. The game functions as something of a character collector and RPG
and is actually a converted Facebook game made for iOS. There’s a plot—collecting a substance called ISO-8 before
Doom and Loki can get it all—but the real fun is in collecting your favourite heroes and taking them into battles.

4. Soda Dungeon

If you’re looking for console-quality graphics that are taking over a lot of major smartphone games these days, this probably isn’t for you. If you, on the other hand, prefer a more old-school arcade experience like what Crossy Road has to offer, you should find Soda Dungeon just as delightful as I have.
It’s a character-collecting brawler in which you can gain new players to enact and then take them on various quests. You attract new characters by upgrading and maintaining a bizarre,
soda bar.
Also, and it’s very tame in case the kids want to play. The whole thing is presented in a perfect pixelated world, just crude enough to look old without being a pain to use.

5. A Blind Legend

This one takes a little getting used to, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. But if you’re the type who likes to really focus on app games rather than fiddle with them once in a while, A Blind Legend might be worth a look. That’s because this is a game designed with no visuals,
employing the use of surround sound audio to describe your setting and force you into action. Basically, you’re a knight on a quest with your daughter guiding the way, avoiding traps and acting out an adventure entirely by sound and touch.
Apple n Apps described it as “trying to become visionary” (somewhat ironically) in that this game holds the potential to create its own category. It’s not a perfect experience, but it’s certainly different. It’s also good, immersive fun.
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Hopes High on Upvoted; New Reddit Website

upvoted reddit websiteReddit, the front page of the Internet, has announced a new website with new content. It is called Upvoted and works as a kind of digital magazine. There will be original digital bits derived from the community but coming from the mother ship, i.e. Reddit, directly.

There are certain stories in this new site that seems to be sponsored but it is nothing new for Reddit as it already is allowing native advertisements in the site. Maybe the new website has been created to offload some of the ads to make both users and advertisers happy.

Upvoted with have contents in the form of videos, Ask Me Anything section, podcast and everything else that Reddit is offering.

Heath Black, product lead at Reddit, said, “We have an editorial team that only works on the Upvoted content. They have editorial oversight into what we write. They will scour every nook and cranny on Reddit on a daily basis to find the coolest stuff, conduct interviews with the creators, and even in some situations orchestrate video AMAs or podcasts,” when asked about how Upvoted works.

The most important different between both the sites is that in Upvoted you cannot comment on any post. However, if you are yearning to do so, you can click on the link provided with the post to follow the original thread and post your comment. Reddit also did not launch any mobile app for Upvoted . May be it will come up with something soon for the mobile users.

Upvoted will publish around 10-20 original content everyday to start with. However, it is planning to churn out around 40 stories a day.

It is now to be seen how Upvoted fare in the vast digital universe.… Read the rest

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Apps That Help You Stay Fit

Sedentary and busy lifestyles have made staying healthy difficult. Luckily, there are many apps on our phones that can help us to lead a health lifestyle. We bring to you the top 3 apps, which are a must download if you enjoy good health.

Health-Apps-PicDrug.com: A bible for medicines Drug.com offers authentic information on drugs and medicines. Find the accurate uses and formulations of medicines with this app.

With a 4-star rating on app stores, this app is highly recommended.  Users can also customize the app depending on their needs and the medicines they are taking. Also find relevant information on advice and drug use.

My Diet Coach: With a 4.5 star rating on app stores, My Diet Coach pushes you to lose those extra kilos. It sends regular reminders on what to eat and what not to. The apWhole Foods Market Appp also allows users to put pictures and constantly inspire themselves.

My Diet Coach also helps users to keep a journal. One can pen down the daily exercise routine in relation with the diet.

Whole Foods Market: Hate junk food? Then this is the place for you. The apps offers 3,7000 recipes that can be made from whole foods, which is directly related to a healthy lifestyle. With this app you can enjoy a fusion of health and taste. Mark your favorite dishes and maintain a recipe book for yourself with this app.

All these apps are free and are available both on iOS and Android. With these, you have all the reasons to stay fit.

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How To Get Windows 10 On Your Device: The User’s Guide

Microsoft’s much hyped OS Windows 10 is now available in the market and like all previous operating systems, this too has invited a large number of queries from the users. Therefore, before laying hands on the new operating system, it will be wise to get some understanding of it.

 Downloading the OS

Updating to Windows 10 is more or less simple and it can be downloaded on most of the computers as the hardware requirements for this operating system is almost at par with that of Windows 7. Yet, a free space of 20 GB (64-bit) or16 GB (32-bit) is necessary for the download. The device on which the operating system is to be downloaded also needs to have Windows 8.1 Update or Windows 7 Service Pack installed. Updating to Windows 10 is also pretty easy as you just need to check the small Windows icon on the taskbar and then click on the option for “Check my PC”. Also make sure to uninstall the existing operating system after storing the necessary data in any external device or cloud. Updating the device drivers and making it compatible with the latest operating system is also necessary.

Settings and Start menu

Operating Windows 10 is not something very difficult as the settings menu is almost similar to that of Windows 8. Yet, it is even better as the Settings tab can be easily found on the Start menu. Even though Microsoft has included some of the important settings in the control panel, many basic settings are out of this panel.
The new settings menu includes- system tab, device tab, personalization tab, internet and network tab, accounts tab, ease of access tab, time and language tab, update and recovery tab as well as the privacy tab. Unlike Windows 8, the Start button of the new operating system can be easily located on the left corner. Yet, the screen has a hybrid approach and once the button is clicked, users will get settings and applications shortcuts on the screen. To get the apps on the device, just click on the All Apps settings. However, to find any app at once, users can just type and search the app. The multiple desktop feature of the new operating system is quite handy but is limited at present.

 Edge Browser

The all new Edge Browser in Windows 10 is also quite useful. With the inking features users can now write on web pages directly and share with others. The navigation feature on the Edge browser is also quite noteworthy. Also there is no need to waste hours on installing updates as the Windows will update and restart itself automatically after updating.
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Here’s How To Save Your Apple Watch From Stubborn Scratches

The Apple Watch is prone to give you trouble—in terms of gaining scratches more often than you imagined! However, despite there being no official band for the Apple Watch that comes laced with display protection or some case within, get some non Apple band for protecting your Watch! Make sure you pick one up that covers the entire watch except the screen.

Here’s How To Save Your Apple Watch From Stubborn Scratches

The Silicone Story

It is likely that these bands come in silicone but come sans any seamed line to reveal where the strap gets to meet protector bits. Forget looking classy here—these bands are high on functionality but low on price—so forget something that is up to the standard of Apple.

Remedies For Those Light Scratches

Even if your Apple Watch has faced assault and is scratched up already you could take help from classic metal polish. Use a clean cloth in microfiber to dab some polish and work your way to buff off the scratches.  Remember, this works only when the scratches are superficial and do not run too deep. Still unhappy? Shell out extra bucks and ask your jeweler to put the Apple Watch under some polishing equipment to restore sheen!
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Moto G Leaked Photo Reveals Major Change In Back Panel Design
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How To Update iPad And iPhone To iOS 9 Beta

Apple released iOS 9 beta today. This automatically gives iPad and iPhone users scope to test the yet-to-be-finished OS. So even if the next iPhone—the iPhone 6S hits marts in September, you can know its operating system well enough.

Apple’s iOS 9 Beta Is HereWhy Apple Released The Beta?

Perhaps this decision from Apple came about as a safeguard against plausible glitches that it has already faced with its iOS 8 goof-ups. The latest iOS 9 is compatible all iDevices that run on iOS 8 at the moment.

Updating To iOS 9

The iOS 9 update comes for free. However, users will need to perform a device-enrol for the beta software public program. Before installing the iOS 9, it is advised that all current iOS data is backed up from the iTunes program instead of banking on iCloud. Follow this up by a profile download from your iPad or iPhone before updating.

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Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software Space

In case you tried to update your iOS 9 to the Beta 2 today, you might have stumbled upon a gem feature on the Beta 1 version.  The latest feature now permits users to delete apps from the operating system, if there is not ample space for newer downloads.

Apple Will Let You Delete Apps On iOS 9 To Save Up Software SpaceThe Inner Scoop

So in case you are scared of scarce space on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 9, simply delete some apps temporarily. Of course, once the update is over, the system automatically restores the deleted app and ensures that all your data stay put.

The Tweaks On iOS 9

The feature is actually a part of few tweaks that iOS 9 will throw our way or at least that is what we gauged from a keynote at WWDC 2015.  Apple will now be able to send out small updates that need less free memory space. Few more features that save space are part of the latest version of the iOS 9 such as App Thinning. This will now allow developers to easily distribute smaller parts of applications to users. This also enables Swift library built-in. 

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How To Make An iPad Or iPhone Read Books Aloud?

If you have been wondering how to get started with audio ebooks on your Apple iPhone or iPad, check out these easy steps. They help your Apple baby to accommodate all kinds of ebook, without the need to install other applications.

How to make iPad or iPhone read books aloud?Adjusting accessibility:

Open Settings and then access

General > Accessibility > Speech

Once you are there, change to Speak Screen by swiping it using your fingers from the top area of the iPhone/iPad screen. This will help Siri read all texts displayed.

Turn auto lock off temporarily

Access Settings > General > Auto-Lock

Ensure that auto-lock is turned to Never mode. Do not forget to turn the Auto-Lock function on again when you are not reading an ebook.

Select a book of your choice

Once you have followed the above steps, make sure you pick a book and open it over iBooks or Kindle. Swipe like described above to start Siri reading. Siri will actually start to read anything visible there as well as flip pages when done.

Now then, do not expect a well-paused and expressive read-out-loud session from Siri. However, the monotone is decent and easy-to-get-used-to once you get into the groove.

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How to Undo Sent Mail On Gmail

There are many of us who often send an e-mail with a typo or wrong content. However, this situation becomes extreme when you send an e-mail in a moment of anger and regret it later. Well, we can easily escape these types of situation by simply enabling undo send feature in Gmail. Many mail providers offer this facility to the users but Gmail uses it differently. Undo send feature of Gmail work in a different manner by waiting a few seconds after you have sent an e-mail. An option of undo sending is also available to the user of you want to cancel the sending. 

How to activate undo sending feature in Gmail But the users have to be quick in deciding whether they want to send the e-mail or not because Gmail only offers a few seconds delay with this feature after which the mail is sent automatically to the recipient. To enable this feature the users have to follow some simple steps:

  • First of all the users of Gmail have to click on the gear icon on the right side of the mail which will provide them access to the settings panel of Gmail.    
  • In setting panel, go to Undo send option and click on enable button
  • After this you can set the amount of time that you need to decide whether to send the e-mail or not
  • Finally, click on save changes option and this feature will be enabled on you Gmail account. 

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How To Update The Firmware On Lumia Phones ?

Microsoft is all set to launch a slew of updates of the software on few Lumia handsets belonging to budget buy segment. The handsets are namely Lumia 430, 435, 530, 532, 535 as well as the same variants with dual SIM variants. Microsoft will release firmware version 02074.00000.15234.280xx as an update along with version 8.10.14234.357 for the operating system.

How To Update Lumia Phones Eligible For Latest Firmware Update?Steps To Update

Begin with checking the notification for the update on the phone. Do so by checking Settings>Phone Update>Check For Updates. Make sure you have a consistent network on Wi-Fi available while updating the same.

Proceed to viewing and installing updates next by tapping your notification message. Follow up with all the instructions that appear on-screen. You can either choose installation of the update right then or save it for later.

Things To Keep In Mind

The main updating might take a little under 30 minutes but if it is major, then it consumes up to  a couple of  hours.  Keeping following the prompts for the update. Also, do not panic on frequent handset restarts.

If you want to schedule this update for a later time when you are free, go to Settings> Phone Update and set the time option as per your own preference.

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