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How To Win BioShock Infinite–Looting With Vigors, Gear, Weapons And More

Looking for the most useful armaments, gear, tricks and ways to win BioShock Infinite? When you’re stuck in this intensely stupefying game, a BioShock Infinite guide is truly welcome. Lets look at the gear and vigor items that will help you tide over some of the most challenging moments in the game.

One of the important tips and tricks that will allow you to dominate BioShock Infinite is looting. Just loot it all! Boxes, corpses, desks and get money to purchase ammos, which are equally valuable as money. Look for the side missions and discover secret areas, open treasures and safe.


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Vigors are the plasmids of BioShock Infinite. They need salt and thus upgradation of salt capacity is a must and spam vigors fiercely with the blood of salt gear. Check out the list of vital vigor:

  • Possession
  • Devil’s Kiss
  • Murder of Cows
  • Return to Sender


The BioShock Infinite’s Gear has four different elements that offer you special perks.

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  • Get a Gear element you require
  • Winning strategy
  • Hat, Vest, Pants, boots

Weapons come down to your personal playing style. One can only use two arms at a time but a player gets adequate opportunity to try all of them in the complete Infinite game. Use a combo of Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, Carbine and Volley Gun.

Look up a more intensive guide for information about vigors, infusions, weapons and arms, descriptions of the enemies, achievements and voxophones here.

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