Most of us have come a long way from those horrible looks of first time Zoom calls. Yet as a professional or hobbyist photographer; our video calls are far from perfect. A simple way to solve that is using a better quality webcam.

But, laptop cameras are usually not designed to offer such HD quality video recordings. On the other hand, smartphones are hardly viable if you also need to share screen and give presentations. So, it is best to use a good DSLR or in this case, a good Nikon camera at home instead as a webcam for Zoom calls. Using you Nikon camera instead of the laptop’s webcam will also allow you to adjust your aperture and ISO to better suit your settings and room lighting.

How To Use Nikon Camera As A Webcam For Zoom Calls 1

Things Required For Using Nikon Camera As Webcam

  • Nikon Camera
  • A PC/Laptop
  • USB cable
  • A webcam software

Setting up Nikon DSLR as webcam for Zoom using USB Cable

If you want to go ahead with the USB cable method; you would need your Nikon camera to be able to support third party software that turns your camera into webcam. Following is a list of select Nikon camera models that are already known to offer support to such software

Nikon D5Nikon D850
Nikon Z 6Nikon D3200
Nikon Z 7Nikon D5100
Nikon Z 50Nikon D5200
Nikon D300sNikon D7000
Nikon D500Nikon D7200
Nikon D810 


Additionally, Nikon has also released free webcam utility software that allows Windows users to easily use the latest Nikon DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as a webcam for live-streaming and video conferencing apps like Zoom. On the other hand, Nikon particularly recommends Ecamm Live for Apple users. So, install a compatible software and restart your PC before going ahead with the next steps.

Steps for setting up Zoom Call using Nikon DSLR as webcam

  • Place your Nikon camera (ideally on a tripod) wherever you want it and switch it to video mode.
  • Connect your camera to the PC via USB cable.
  • Open Ecamm Live/ equivalent software in your laptop and allow it to access your camera’s video feed.
  • Select the virtual webcam option and use it as a webcam for your next Zoom call.

Setting up Nikon Camera as webcam for Zoom using HDMI Port

Note: For this method, you will also need a good capture device. Elgato CamLink also remains a popular choice among professionals for a capture device.

  • Place your Nikon camera (ideally on a tripod) wherever you want it and switch it to video mode.
  • Pug in the HDMI adapter into your camera.
  • Connect one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI adapter and other into the connector device.
  • Now connect the connector device into a USB port on your computer.
  • Turn on your camera.
  • Open Zoom app on your PC.
  • Click the arrow next to the camera icon in the bottom left corner of the ongoing Zoom Meeting.
  • Select “Elgato Cam Link” or any other connector device that you are using as your video source.

The entire setup is ready and you have successfully set up your Nikon camera as a webcam for your Zoom call. But, one last thing to remember is that while your USB cable won’t send in the audio; HDMI cable will. So, just keep that in mind and you are good to go for your amazing looking Zoom Call.

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