Google is bringing in its secure Google Pay NFC payments to India, following its earlier 2019 announcements. Users employing its digital payment services in India will now be able to add their NFC-powered debit cards and credit cards as well to their GPay account. The move is likely to help the firm further garner to users looking to make payments through to kenized payment cards.

Google Pay NFC Payment 2

How does NFC Payments work?

DigiPayGuru explains, Non-field communications or NFC is a wireless data transfer technology that enables devices like tablets and smartphones to share data while in close proximity. The new communications process is attracting much attention as a potential way for more secure and convenient digital transactions via mobile wallets. While Apple Pay is a convenient pick for iOS users, Google Pay continues to be a popular choice among Android users.


Furthermore, the tokenisation of Credit and Debit cards can help protect your accounts in a case of potential breach.  It intercepts payment card numberentered into the enterprise payment environment and replaces it with a surrogate value or random string of characters which is referred to as a token. These values serve as a reference for the payment but cannot be used to infer the original values. Therefore, in case of a data breachpersonal data such as credit and debit card numbers of the user stay safe.

How can I use Google Pay NFC using my credit/debit card?

Google Pay NFC Payment 1

Android Police has reported that Google Pay has been introducing support to allow option to add credit and debit cards in the payment app. However, the new Google Pay NFC payment option in India is currently enabled solely for SBI Visa Credit card holders and Axis Visa Card holders. Other international cards aren’t currently accepted by GPay yet.

Steps to activate Google Pay NFC payment feature in India:

  1. Open Google Pay.
  2. Go to Settings>Payment Methods>Add Cards.
  3. Enter card details for your Credit/Debit card including card number, cardholder’s name, billing address, payment card’s CVV number, and expiry date.
  4. Click on the Save button.
  5. Accept Terms & conditions.
  6. Consequently, Google Pay contacts your bank for verification.
  7. Choose OTP verification.
  8. Click on Activate button.
  9. Enter the received OTP.

Once the verification process is complete, you can now use it for more NFC transactions. This will further enable tokenized card payments at NFC enabled terminals, online payments like mobile recharge using GPay as well as QR code-based payments.


How to verify if your phone supports NFC payment?

However, despite its many perks, the catch is it won’t be available on all Android smartphones. You can follow the given steps to first verify if your phone does offer support for NFC payments:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings.
  2. Search ‘NFC’ in the internal search bar.
  3. Click on NFC option in the result and turn it on.

In case no option appears, it’s possible your phone doesn’t support NFC and thus won’t allow contactless payments.

However, in any case you can continue using the popular payment app for cashless transactions through your bank account. Note that the new Google Pay NFC Payment India option is likely to offer the Android owner further advantage in the competitive battle for digital transactions between GooglePay vs Paytm in the country.