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How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

If you are here, we are guessing that you have accidentally locked yourself out from your Android smartphone? Most will suggest a factory reset to unlock your Android phone. But, that will imply that all your locally saved data including chats, images and videos will be deleted too. So, to help you with your predicament, we have brought you a list of methods you can employ to unlock your Android phone password without a factory reset.

How To Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset 1

Unlock Android Phone Password Using ADB

In case you had enabled USB debugging on your Android phone, using ADB can be an effective method to unlock your Android phone without password. Just try out the following steps:

  • Connect your mobile to a PC using USB cable.
  • Open command prompt window in your ADB installation directory.
  • Type “adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key” and press Enter key.
  • Reboot your phone.
  • Secure lock screen should be gone as your device starts again.

Bypass Third party app to unlock Android Phone

Booting your smartphone to safe mode would be our best bet if you had used a third party app to lock your Android handset. The following steps should work for most Android mobile phones.

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  • Long press the Power off option on the power menu.
  • Select ok when asked for booting into the safe mode.
  • Once the process completes, third-party lock screen app is temporarily disabled.
  • Uninstall the third-party lock and restart your phone.


Unlock Samsung Phones via Find My Mobile

Particularly for Samsung users, Find My Mobile option by the South Korean brand also remains a viable solution for such circumstances.

  • Visit findmymobile.samsung.com from your PC.
  • Sign in to your Samsung account.
  • Select the“Lock my screen” option in the left pane.
  • Enter a new PIN in the first field and click on the Lock button.
  • Your lock screen password would be changed to the new one in the next two – three stories.

Unlock Android Phone Pattern without factory reset using Backup PIN

If you had kept a pattern lock, you may remember entering a backup pin while setting up your screen lock pattern. So, if you cannot unlock your Android phone via pattern; you can unlock your phone by using Backup PIN by following the given steps:

  • Go to Android pattern lock screen.
  • Try various screen lock patterns. Once you have exhausted all your pattern tries, it will ask you to try after 30 seconds.
  • You can now spot the Backup PIN option. Select it, and enter your backup PIN. It should unlock your Android phone without factory reset.
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