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How to Uninstall Apps On Android That Do Not Uninstall 

Are you tired of unnecessary battery and memory consumption by the admin apps’ on your mobile? Which are neither valuable for you nor do you like them. But they still cling to your phone like a sanguivorous one. But worry not; you can uninstall apps on Android that do not uninstall once you revoke their admin privileges. Here is how you can do it.

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Steps to uninstall apps on Android that do not uninstall 

  • Open settings> go to security > choose ‘other security settings’ > choose ‘device admin apps’ 
  • Choose the app you wish to uninstall > slide the bar off to revoke the admin privileges
  • Go back to settings > scroll down and choose ‘Apps’
  • Find the app you want to uninstall and uninstall it as usual. It will get uninstalled this time
  • You can follow the same process for every admin app you do not want on your phone. And that’s it; you are done.

Watch this YouTube video:

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While following this process, you may encounter some apps that still don’t get disabled. You can only disable them. Follow the following steps to turn off the apps:

  • Go to the settings > choose the admin app > tap on it
  • Now you’ll see the ‘Disable’ option > Tap on it

And that app will no longer be functional on your mobile. So no unnecessary data or battery consumption.

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Being an Android user, you must be very cautious about your battery and memory usage. It’s hurtful when admin apps take unnecessary space on your mobile and cause worthless battery consumption. But once you know how to uninstall apps on Android that do not uninstall, all these problems are solved. 

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What are admin apps

Device administration apps are pre-installed applications on the mobile to enforce their security terms for suitable functioning.

How can I find admin apps on Android?

There are various paths, subjected to particular Android, that you can follow to reach out to admin apps on your Android. They are as follows:
– Apps > special application access > device admin apps
– Security > device admin apps
– Security and privacy> device admin apps
– Security > device administrators

How can I activate the device admin apps?

Follow any of the paths mentioned above to reach your admin apps. Once achieved, now slide the bar on the app you wish to enable. That’s it; you are good to go.

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