How To Stop Someone From Stealing Your WiFi?


How To Stop Someone From Stealing Your WiFi?

 ‘I have set the right security for my WiFi network, but still, some outsiders are able to breach my security. How???’
Well, it is very common these days to steal someone’s WiFi. But it is irritating at the same time. It is annoying when you have to pay for someone else’s internet needs. Here is a complete step-by-step guide to prevent an unauthorized WiFi user from breaking into your WiFi security.

How to identify your WiFi thief?

So how to identify if someone has broken into your WiFi security? First, enter your router’s IP address in the browser. Now, click on the Local Network bar under the Status bar and then click on the DHCP Server for Linksys routers. Next, the DHCP Client Table will show you a list of all the devices connected to your WiFi network. But first, ensure your DHCP is enabled. The below image shows a sample DHCP Client Table for D -Link router.

How many connected in my wifi

How to find your router’s IP address on Windows?

Usually, the default IP Address of most routers is- or In case, it is not your IP address then Window users can go to Start and run this command- cmd/k ipconfig. Your router’s IP Address will be one listed under the “Default Gateway”. Refer to the image below.

Know my router IP address

How to secure your wireless network?

Now that you have  followed above given instruction, you are can stop strangers from using your WiFi. There are different ways to secure your wireless network. Here they are listed below.
  • Set a strong password

If you have not secured your wireless network using a password, this is one strong reason why people are using your WiFi. It is important to set a password to secure your WiFi network and restrict its use by public. To set a password, open the admin dashboard of your router. And next set wireless security mode from a number of options- WPA, WPA 2 and WEP. Once you have set any of the wireless security options, no one can access your wireless network without your permission.

How to set WiFi password


  • MAC address filtering

Every computer, laptop, mobile, tablet or any other gadget have unique MAC address. On your router’s dashboard, go to Wireless Mac Filter section and add the MAC addresses of your devices to permit only selected devices to access your WiFi network. To find MAC address of your computer, type a command of ‘ipconfig/all’. On the other hand, WiFi MAC address for mobiles can be accessed from the Settings. The MAC addresses can also be found inside DHCP Client Table.

how to know MAC address

How to stop someone from breaking into your WiFi security?

Irrespective of all above efforts to secure you WiFi network, there are still chances that people might break into your wireless security. These people are hackers or other normal people who by the help of certain software try breaking the WiFi security. However, there are tricks you can follow to prevent them. Here are a few easy-to-follow ones.
  • Block repetitive intruders

Once you recognize devices who have been repetitively trying to intrude to your security, you simply can block their MAC address for forever. But it is possible to change one’s MAC address. In that case you have to regularly check who is forcibly using your WFi. Other thing you can do is to add MAC addresses of all your devices. This technique is also known as MAC address filtering . This technique helps restrict a device from a MAC address other than listed to use your wireless network. This method can be helpful stop intruders to a great extent.
  • Set WPA2 encryption

A WEP or WPA security is easy to break. Setting a WPA2 wireless encryption can offer strong network protection. In addition to that set a strong SSID network name. Using a default wireless network name make your network susceptible to hackers. Set a hard-to-guess and lengthy SSID name.
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