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Easy Ways to Spot Fake ChatGPT Apps on App Store [2023]

Your smartphone’s security is jeopardized the moment you download a fake ChatGPT app. These apps are notorious for containing malware and viruses. They also engage in data theft, phishing attacks, financial fraud, unauthorized access to your private data, and browsing activity. What we can call are “phishing apps”, they can download malicious code into your device when you install it voluntarily. Hence, it is important to verify apps and know how to spot fake ChatGPT apps on the Apple App Store. You can also do a review after downloading the app and decide to uninstall it.

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How to spot fake ChatGPT apps on the Apple App store?

Investigate the developer

The best way to authenticate an app is by checking its developer’s name. OpenAI has launched an official ChatGPT app for iOS. Any other app with the same name as ChatGPT and claiming to be the official app is fake.

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Consider the developer’s name mentioned in the App Store. If it’s a name you recognise from another app or through some readings, you can consider the app safe. In case you don’t, all app store also showcase their developer’s profile. You can access that to get more information about the developer such as how old is the company, what are the apps they have developed and their website details. Some research will give you a good idea about the credibility of the developer.

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Good reviews & ratings go a long way 

Another way to identify whether the app is genuine or fake, read the reviews and check the ratings for the app. Find out what other users are saying about the app. A string of negative reviews is a sign of something being wrong with the application.

If you see lots of positive reviews, ensure that those are unbiased and made by genuine users. These fake apps may have good reviews. However, those comments ought to be fake, made by bots or by people who have been paid to give positive feedback. Be aware as fake reviews can look real and be deceiving. This tactic is known as click farming.

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Check standard branding such as authenticity of logo

Check out the graphics, logo, and description of the service to differentiate a fake app from a genuine one. Most fake apps on Apple App Store use poor-quality graphics, outdated logos, and grammatically incorrect descriptions. If you notice any of these discrepancies, the app is a duplicitous version of ChatGPT.

Review app permissions closely

By examining an app’s request for permission closely, it can be ascertained whether or not the app is fake. A fake app would request unnecessary permission. On the contrary, a genuine app would not do so in most cases. For instance, if a calculator app asks permission for contact, it has to be fake.

Check for total app downloads

Genuine apps would have millions of downloads. If any app claiming to be ChatGPT has fewer downloads, it has to be a fraudulent app. Apps with a higher number of downloads are more trustworthy as they have been tested and verified by several users.

Verify authenticity and latest app update

Ensure that the developer is regularly updating the app and when you download any app, it should be the latest version. Fake apps do not get updated by developers for several months at a time. If you come across an app that has not been updated for a considerable period of time, it is definitely a fake one.

Always check for the security and authenticity of the app. If any app looks decent, then it should be. However, it would not hurt if you check all the parameters for the app.

Watch this YouTube video for ways to spot a fake ChatGPT app: 

Now that you know the tips and tricks of how to spot fake ChatGPT apps on the Apple App Store, you should not fall into the trap of fraudulent apps. However, if you want your near and dear ones to be safe from such malicious apps, share this article with them.

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Dipanita Bhowmick
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