A new scam WhatsApp OTP scam has engulfed WhatsApp. Hackers are using WhatsApp OTP scam to send you personalized messages claiming to be your friend or a family member and will ask for an OTP. When you give that OTP, you will automatically be locked out of your account and the hacker will start accessing your account to derive private and personal details, conversations, and more.

 Hackers are using this scam to get access to your WhatsApp account. In this case, you will receive a message from someone claiming to be your friends and it will say that they have been logged out of their WhatsApp accounts and need your help to log in. Hackers will say that they are unable to receive OTPs on their numbers, so they have asked for the OTP on your number and that you should send them once you receive the same.

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How To Protect Yourself from WhatsApp Scam?

In case you have already shared an OTP will with a friend, it is best to immediately reset your WhatsApp and log in again by entering your number and then a fresh OTP. Once you do this, hackers will automatically be logged out of your device. After this, do not share OTP with anyone.

Simple Tips To Keep Your WhatsApp Secure & Safe

Keep Your WhatsApp Secure & Safe

Here are some things to keep your WhatsApp safe from such scams:

  • To begin with, it is best advised not to share personal information and/or OTP with anyone. Remember, WhatsApp will not an OTP on a registered number unless prompted for. So, in case you receive an OTP without having raised a request, it is best to ignore it.
  • Never share OTP with friends and family no matter how close you are. If a family member or a friend asks for it via a message or text, please call them to check if they need your help. Do not fall prey to OTP scams used by hackers to get into your phone.
  • Use Two-step verification as it is quite a handy process that safeguards you from such scams. Once you have enabled this feature on your mobile, WhatsApp will ask you to enter a six-digit pin to setup.

Here Is How To Enable Two-Step Verification on WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp and go to the Settings from the three-dot menu.
  • Now tap Account and select Two-step verification.
  • Clock on Enable and then enter a six-digit PIN.
  • Set a PIN and confirm and then enter your email ID.
  • Click on Done.

Now every time you launch WhatsApp, it will ask to enter the PIN.

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