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How to Record a Call Automatically in Truecaller Explained

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If you want to know how to record a call automatically in Truecaller, this article is just for you. Smartphones allow call recording but it is to be activated manually. One may not remember to do it when the need arises so automatic call recording features become a necessity. However, it cannot be done on a phone.

Thankfully, Truecaller came to the rescue by introducing the call recording feature in its Android version where both incoming and outgoing calls can be recorded automatically. The recordings will be saved in the local memory of the phone and can be easily accessible from the Android file manager.

How to Record a Call Automatically in Truecaller?

Record a Call Automatically in Truecaller 1
  • Download and open the Truecaller app on your phone.
  • Click on the hamburger icon on the top left.
  • Click on Settings and tap on the Call Recording option.
  • This is a paid feature but is free on a 14 days trial. No credit or debit card information is needed. You just have to give some permission to the app to activate the trial.
  • You will be shown two options- either to record manually or automatically. Choose an option as per your wish.
  • If you have chosen the automatic option, any time a call is made or received, it will start recording automatically.
  • If you have chosen the manual option, a popup will appear to seek permission to start the recording.
  • The recorded calls will be listed in the Call Recording section in the Truecaller app

Is Call Recording Permitted or Safe?

Record a Call Automatically in Truecaller 2

It would depend on your country of residence whether it is legal to record calls or not. It is better to check the local and national laws before any call is recorded. Truecaller’s notice says, “Important: In some countries, it’s a legal requirement to inform or obtain consent before recording a call and in certain countries, it may not be allowed. By using this feature you accept responsibility for complying with applicable laws.” 

Can the Recordings be Saved to SD Card?

The recordings are saved in the phone’s internal memory and unfortunately cannot be exported to the external storage. To save the recordings, the app would need the permission of ‘Record-Audio’ and ‘Storage’.

Here is a YouTube video describing the call recording feature and how to activate it for better and easier understanding.

Now that you know how to record a call automatically in Truecaller, you do not have to install any 3rd party app on your phone. Try this incredible feature and let us know in the comments below how did it help you.

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