Have you been enjoying Instagram and its latest updates? But struggling with story, reels and what not! Plenty of influencers and hobbyists out there spend a great deal of time on Instagram. They use it to showcase their life, lifestyle, creativity and skills to friends and the public at large. We follow interesting accounts and then we repost them as well! If you are not sure how to repost Instagram Story, read on.

Reposting content on Instagram shows acknowledgment and appreciation for what others in our community are doing. Reposting is essentially a way of sharing a picture from another Instagram user with your followers. Before reposting, it is best to take permission from the person or brand that you’d like to repost their picture/video or even content. Once you have received a green signal, you are ready to repost.

Here’s How To Repost On Instagram

1. Copy the post link you’d like to repost in Instagram

  • For this, you need to tap the three dots at the top of the post you want to share
  • Select ‘copy link’ or ‘copy share URL’.
  • Download the post.
  • Open up your Instagram reposting app of choice, it will contain the post you’ve saved. At this time you will be presented with the option of choosing where you’d like the attribution mark to go. For example, top left-hand corner, bottom right, and so on.
  • Instagram also allows you to copy the original caption. It is a good practice to copy the original caption as it brings the original poster more likes, followers and also doesn’t make you come across as a creep!

2. Add Your Caption

  • Here you need to decide whether you’d want to repost in your feed or as an Instagram Story. If you want to repost as a Story then Instagram doesn’t allow you to copy over the caption.
  • Once you’ve chosen how to repost on Instgram, you can also make add filters to make slight changes. If you want to use the original caption, click ‘Paste’ and it will copy over.
  • You can also add your own caption above the original caption. But, if you face difficulty in doing so, then it means that the original caption has already exhausted Instagram’s character limit of 2,200 characters.

Another easy way to post on Instagram is to take a screenshot and then you can post it to your account. 

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3. You can also repost on Instagram Story by following these simple instructions:

  • Select the image/video you want to repost.
  • Click on the paper airplane icon.
  • Select the “Add post to your story” button.
  • Add your favourite filter, Emoji, GIF file
  • You can also add music if you like

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Remember, to repost Instagram story, you will first have to activate the Instagram Story sharing feature. Also, you will not be able to share someone else’s post on your page if you want to repost from a private account. For a successful repost, the account must be a public one.

We hope we have answered your how to repost on Instagram query. Do write to us if you need assistance with anything else. We’d love to help you out. Till then, keep posting, keep sharing!