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How to Pair Old Apple Watch on New iPhone with an Existing iOS ID

When you pair a new Apple Watch with your iPhone, the process is considerably easy. However, many of us struggle to pair an existing Apple Watch with a new iPhone because there are a few more steps. This is primarily because you want to pair an old Apple Watch with an existing old iOS ID.

Here is how to pair an Apple Watch with a new iPhone with the same Apple id.

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How to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone with the same Apple ID?

Unpairing Old Apple Watch

Start by unpairing your Apple Watch from the old phone with these easy steps:

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  1. Keep your watch and the iPhone next to one another
  2. Open the Apple Watch app on the iPhone it is paired with
  3. Go to ‘the ‘My Watch tab’
  4. Select ‘All Watches’
  5. You will find the name of the watch you want to unpair
  6. Tap the info button next to it
  7. Tap ‘Unpair Apple Watch’ and select your watch from the list
  8. If you have a cellular model, unpair the connection
  9. You will need the Apple ID password to disable the Activation Lock
  10.  Tap ‘Unpair’

You will be able to unpair your watch and erase all data on the watch with these steps. However, Apple saves all the data to the cloud that you can restore later.

Pair an Old Watch to a New iPhone

  • Open the Watch app on the new iPhone
  • Click ‘Start Pairing’
  • Hit the ‘Set Up for Myself’ option
  • The screen would say ‘Hold Apple Watch up to the Camera’
  • Follow the instructions
  • If nothing happens here, choose the ‘Pair Apple Watch Manually’ option and follow as instructed
  • If you have successfully created iCloud backup previously, you would see the ‘Restore from Backup’ option
  • NOTE: If you choose the ‘Set Up as New Apple Watch’ option, the previously used settings would not remain available to you. This would need you to start setting up from scratch if you want to pair an old Apple Watch on a new iPhone.
  • If the ‘Restore from Backup’ option is not available, then there could be an issue with your backup
  • Choose the correct option to backup
  • If unsure, choose the latest backup
  • Click ‘Continue’
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions and move on
  • Choosing the Disagree option would not let you move forward
  • The next screen would ask you to Create a Passcode
  • While you can choose the ‘Don’t Add Passcode’ option, we highly recommend adding one
  • You can also choose the ‘Add a Long Passcode’ option for better security
  • Tap on your Apple watch to create the passcode
  • Re-enter the code to confirm it
  • Choose theSet Up Later’ in the Apple Watch App option to complete the basic setup steps later
  • If you have time now and have a tendency to be lazy, then setting up the device at that moment is suggested

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How to unpair Apple Watch from an old device

  • Open the Watch app on your old device
  • Click on the ‘My Watch’ tab at the bottom of the screen
  • Choose ‘All Watches’
  • Click on the info icon
  • Hit ‘the ‘Unpair Apple Watch’
  • Click on Unpair (Name)’s Apple Watch to confirm your choice and backup data
  • Enter Apple ID and password, then click ‘Unpair’
  • You would see the screen displaying Unpairing Apple Watch until the step is done
  • Create an iCloud backup on the old device and transfer the content to the new one

While Apple often changes how to pair Apple Watch to new iPhone with the same Apple ID, these steps primarily remain the same and are the latest update. Share this article with friends if you find it useful.

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