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How To Mass Unfollow People on Instagram For Free?

There can be several reasons you may want to unfollow certain people on Instagram. Instagram understands that too. So, it allows you to just just go on to their profile and simply tap on the “Following” button and choose to unfollow them. However, if those certain people go on to be a good strength of hundreds and maybe even thousands of accounts, that’s when Instagram unfollows become complicated.

When a user joins Instagram, many people practice the common trend of following all their friends and other accounts hoping that they too will follow back. However, it isn’t always the case. Thus, one of the most popular kind of accounts that people wish to unfollow are the ones who don’t follow them back. Additionally, some businesses/social media influencers may also want to cut down on their massive following list to look more professional. Irrespective of who you want to unfollow and why; methods suggested below will help you mass unfollow on Instagram with a single click.

Steps To Unfollow Multiple Accounts that don’t follow you back on Instagram–

Once you have logged in, it will start syncing required details from your Insta account including list of all your followers as well as those you follow. It will also include a list of all the followers accounts that either you don’t follow back and the vice-versa.

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Now, the Followers Track for Instagram app will unfollow the first 200 people on the list. It is primarily because Instagram does not allow users to unfollow more than 200 people within 24 hours and may even lead to a ban on your IG account.

You can come back to the app, the next day and follow the same procedure. You can continue the process for each subsequent day until you have happily unfollowed all the people who don’t follow you back for free.

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