Developed by Tencent Games, PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds) Mobile is currently one of the most popular combat games among smartphone users. However, the app is not only engaging and addictive but also uses a lot of your internet data. The original mobile app in itself is sized 1.9 MB. Therefore, if you are relying on your usual mobile data plan, it won’t be surprising if you end up exhausting a major chunk of your data limit of the day during its installation alone. But as usual, we have you covered. By following our simple trick you can easily install the PUBG mobile app without exhausting your data pack.

(ImportantNote: But, the trick is only operational in Android smartphones and isn’t for the Apple smartphones. Moreover, as they say every friend is necessary, even the gaming geek in your group who is playing PUBG all day long. Because, even for this trick you’ll need a friend who already has the game installed in his/her smartphone including the latest update.)

Steps to install PUBG Mobile App without using your Internet –

Install Same File Transfer Apps

First of all, you need to install a file transfer app such as Shareit, Share Me, Superbeam, Easy Share, etc. on your smartphone. Now, install the same file transfer application in your friend’s phone.

Get PUBG Mobile APK

To install it without internet, you will need to get the APK file for PUBG Mobile app from your friend’s phone using the above file transfer app.

Ask your friend to go to Files section in the app; select Android and then choose the ‘obb’ folder. In the ‘obb’ folder, find and open another folder named the “com.tencent.ig” folder. Next, click on the file named,* and transfer it to your own smartphone.

Once you have received all the files/folders from your friend’s phone, click on the APK file and install PUBG Mobile app on your phone.

*name of the file may slightly vary in various smartphones and upgraded versions

Move the obb files to Phone Storage

After getting the APK and installing the app, both of you can now close the file sharing app.

Now, go to your File Manager and open the folder of filesreceived via. the earlier installed file transfer agent.  Click on the received obb file and move it from the current location to your own obb folder in your smartphone’s Android folder in the Phone Storage.

Create New Folder for PUBG files

In the next step, create a new folder in the original obb folder of your smartphone under the name, “com.tencent.ig”. Paste the earlier moved obb file to the ‘com.tencent.ig’ folder.  From the file sharing agent’s received files folder, move the earlier transferred ‘com.tencent.ig’ folder the data folder in your Phone Storage.

Finally, without wasting your day’s mobile data you have installed the PUBG Mobile app. You can now relax and enjoy the battleground. Don’t forget to share the tricks with your friends and also share your thoughts in the comments below.