Yes, Flappy Bird has gone from the App Store. However, you still can install the game on your Windows, Android, iPhone desktop or iPad devices.

How to install Flappy Birds on iOS Devices:

  1. Re-install the game from iTunes: If Flappy Bird is downloaded from iTunes formerly and synced to iPhone or iPad and then deleted, one can re-install it. However, if it is deleted from iTunes, then you can’t reinstall it
  2. Buy an Android phone or iPhone with Flappy Bird pre-installed. The iPhone featuring Flappy Bird is quite expensive. If you are crazy for the game, you can purchase it from eBay.
  3. Install the game on your gadget via someone else’s Apple ID: A great way is to find a friend who already has the game installed on their device. Apple allows you to share Apple ID and purchase it from 10 devices in one household.
  4. Find the Flappy Bird file online and launch it to a jailbroken device. iOS owners should have jailbroken iPhones to launch the game. You can look for IPA and .ipa

How to install Flappy Bird on Android:

You can look for the game on Google and find a link. It can be searched on Android devices, downloaded and installed on the device. If you are OK with playing with clones, then go for Fall Out Birds and play.

How to install Flappy Birds on Windows:

Windows users have the facility of downloading Flappy Bird version by IG Mobile for free. You can also install Flappy Bird on a desktop. A Flappy Bird flash version is also available online.