How to Fix Corrupted SD Card Without Losing Data in Android

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card 1

Today Android phones are coming with ample storage space so much so that one simply doesn’t need an SD card. SD cards are capable of being damaged or corrupted, which poses a risk to the user’s data stored on the card and also affects the phone’s processing.  In case you still use an SD card for that extra storage in your Android phone, learn how to fix corrupted SD card without losing files.

Signs of SD Card Errors

It is always better to promptly identify the cause for concern in the SD card in order to undertake the recovery process well in time. The following signs indicate that the SD Card in your phone is corrupt or damaged:

  • It does not appear in the file explorer of the phone or shows the folder size as 0 bytes.
  • The PC, when connected, is unable to identify the location of the card.
  • It takes too long for the device to read or open the card folder.
  • You are unable to access certain files in your SD card or they disappear all of a sudden.
  • A warning message of a corrupted or damaged SD card appears.

If you have witnessed more than one such issues in your Android phone’s SD card, consider repairing it before further damage is done.

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card: A Step By Step Guide

  • Insert the Card in a Different Device – The first and foremost step is to check the compatibility of the SD card with your phone, which can be done by inserting the erroneous SD card in another device such as a laptop or a smartphone. The card working properly in that device indicates a file system error on your Android phone. The next step in this case would be to create a backup in the said device as a safety measure, restart your phone and insert the SD card again.
  • Check for Errors Using Windows Tool – In case the aforementioned hit and trial method doesn’t work, follow these steps to fix errors in the SD card:
  • Connect the card with a Windows PC running on the 10, 8 or 7 version via the USB port with the help of a USB card reader.
  • Once the folder of the SD card appears in the My Computer/This PC window, right click on it to open its Properties.
  • Press the Tools bar in the Properties section and locate the Error Checking option. Under that, click on Check. Windows will now scan the SD card for system based discrepancies.
How to Fix Corrupted SD Card

When the scan is complete and the errors have been rectified, the accessibility of the SD card can be checked again.

  • How to Fix Corrupted SD Card Using the CHKDSK Command – This method allows you to login as an administrator and run commands for fixing the SD card. However, this should only be followed if you have prior technical knowledge of the computer’s operating system since there are chances of data getting lost in the process of repair. It is advisable to create a back up or use third party file recovery software before the command is run.
  • Firstly, insert the corrupted card into the PC and then locate the same in My Computer/This PC. Identify the letter of the card drive, which in many cases, is G:
  • In the Search area of the Task Bar, type cmd to find the Command Prompt tool and select the Run as Administrator option after right clicking on it.
  • Insert the command chkdsk g: /f /r and press Enter for Windows to run the fixing process. Display of the Windows has made corrections to the file system dialogue box after the scan means that the SD card has been repaired.

Note that g: is the SD card’s drive letter here and it will have to be edited based on what your device shows.

There also exist many apps and external tools that show how to fix corrupted SD card and how to format raw memory card using their advanced software. You can select an app that is trustworthy and has good reviews on the Play Store to get the best outcome. Follow the instructions sincerely if you don’t wish to lose the data stored on the SD card.