How To Excel A Digital Video Interview? SimplyHR Founder Rajneesh Singh Has Tips

With the onset of digitization, face-to-face interviews are being fast replaced by either online text-based interviews or via webcam. No longer do you need to flag a date inviting candidates to your premises from across the country or even the globe. Instead, do a one-to-one with them from the confines of your office. This creates an important question for interviewees: How do you excel in a digital video interview?

simplyHR founder rajneesh singh
SimplyHR founder Rajneesh Singh talks about acing a digital interview.

Digitization has resulted in the world becoming an even smaller space. As the digital age transcends all barriers of time and distance, the highest impact is being seen on the corporate world. Companies are using digital to maximize revenues and minimize costs. HR remains a key process for corporates so they are using digital in many innovative ways. So does the need to excel in a digital video interview.

The answer can only come from an expert. SimplyHR Solutions founder and managing partner Rajneesh Singh says, “With the crunch of space and time, digital interviews are here to stay. Any day it’s a better method compared to a telephonic interview but will always be debated vis-a-vis a face to face interview. Whether it’s a live or recorded version, both can help the recruiter take the important decision of hiring.”

So, how do you crack a digital video interview, which gives no chance for correction like a read-through text interview? It goes without saying that you must dress up professionally as well as behave like one true-blue professional. What else?

TechThirsty sought the help from Rajneesh Singh and other eminent corporate personalities to create a five-point expert advice.

  1. Prepare and practice
how to excel a digital video interview
Smile please!

One good way to prepare for a digital interview is accessing free online softwares called “Interview Buddies”. They help you prepare and practice for the interview by recording an interaction about yourself and watching it over and over again. Revisions done using this tool help you to rectify your errors, which is a great way to hone your interview-taking skills. Practice also requires you to know the technology and ensure it is working and you are aware of how to use it.



Tips to appear for a Skype Interview:

a) Learn how Skype software works (there are free online tutorials)

b) Watch sample Skype interviews (again free sample available even at YouTube)

c) Practice a Skype interview with a virtual buddy

d) Improvise your shortcomings by reviewing your recording

Rajneesh Singh adds, “Just like any face to face interview, the importance of being timely and well groomed makes a lot of difference.” In short, becoming familiar with various technical aspects of virtual interviews will help your present yourself with confidence. 

  1. Have a good set up

Ample lighting, good internet signals & clean background are some of the key things to consider if you are going to engage in a digital video interview. Founder of SimplyHR Solutions Rajneesh Singh asserts, “The logistics play a key role wherein not only the technology, but also the place makes a difference.”

This aspect is easy to understand if you have made a video call to a friend or family member. And even if you haven’t, then also it is general intelligence to understand the importance of good amount of light at your face, a clean-clutter-free background (which otherwise is a distraction to the interviewer) and break-free internet signals.

Avani Parekh, Director of Empathy, SHEORES explains it like this: “Your appearance matters and first impression is usually the last when it comes to an interview. A shabby appearance whether yours or that of your background, will only get you a negative score.”

  1. Do Question, Don’t Hesitate

At times, despite good signal on either side, you may not be audible to one another. Do not hesitate to ask a question again. And do it in a manner you would have done in person, be polite. Don’t lean forward to adjust signals mid-way an interview unless really required.

Online video interviews are a relatively new tech-aspect, even for the recruiters. So at times, even they might feel awkward or appear not-well-prepared. Neither judge the other side, nor act smart. Simply stay calm and focussed. Also try diffuse the uneasiness on the other side. Remember, you learn and grow as a team.

“And to top it all, the subject knowledge will continue to be the key to sway the outcome of the interview,” says an assuring and smiling Rajneesh Singh who has been the Network18 Group-HR chief in the past.

  1. Don’t Read-off the Computer Screen

Neither try to mug-up answers to obvious questions like “Introduce Yourself,” Give a brief summary of your past work”….nor read these answers off-the-screen from a side-window open at your computer during the interview.

“No one is a fool; experience of the recruiter will land you in a caught-and-bowled situation. And if that happens, even a future chance to get recruited by the same company/person in future is rare,” advises Anamika Nath, a senior brand strategist who has worked with media houses like NewsX and Zee Media in Delhi NCR.

  1. Extend Personal Warmth

Remember that your personality must shine throughout the interview. Just the right amount of eye contact, a warm smile, friendly-and-confident body language work wonders. Also remember to nod when you are being told or asked something so that the interviewer knows that you are all ears.

Your words and body language must “anticipate success” because a positive attitude marks the final score in every interview. Here, Rajneesh Singh gives us a parting shot with a smile, “However, what the digital interview will miss forever is the touch of a firm handshake which conveys the degree of confidence.” Nevertheless, we are sure after following this expert advice you will be able to achieve that handshake to the new job even online!

So all the best for your digital interview. If you have any queries, do write to us at You could also Tweet us or leave your queries it in the comments section below.


Mahima Sharma

A regular columnist at TechThirsty and other reputed webzines, Mahima is a seasoned journalist having worked as News Editor CNN-News18 & ANI (a collaboration with Reuters).

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6 thoughts on “How To Excel A Digital Video Interview? SimplyHR Founder Rajneesh Singh Has Tips

  1. Brilliant advice, thank you. My daughter appears for interviews next year, this will help her.
    Keep up the good work Ms Mahima. I have been following your work at Twitter. And keep looking forward to the gems you dig out each week across various podiums. Glad Techthirsty is bringing to fore certain articles which other tech websites hardly do. Thank you.

  2. Hello. Can you please give us tips on how to excel in a written digital interview? I appear for one next month as an intern and later in job after my MBA ends. Will really help me. Tnx

  3. Hey Rajneesh Sir, great to see your advice here! I will share it in my student circle. You were an awesome HR head and this will go a long way in helping the new generation. Kudos.

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