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How To Download Sharp Smart TV Apps?

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Sharp Smart TV is one of the leading players in the global market for smart TVs. Many of its smart TV sets including the 55-inch Smart 4T-C55BJ4KF2FB television have garnered high ratings from the users. The Sharp AquosSmart TV also offers the option to download and view a host of applications. Users can download sharp smart TV apps via Google Play Store, AppsNOW or VEWD app system by following these simple steps.

Steps to download Sharp Smart TV apps via. Google Play Store

  1. Google Play Store is probably the easiest way to install apps on the Sharp Smart TV. Moreover, it is particularly useful for viewers with older models running on the Android OS.
  2. Select ‘Play Store’ app on the home screen and choose the ‘Apps’ option.
  3. Users can then swipe right or left to choose a sorting option.
  4. Users can now scroll to the particular app, select ‘Install’ button and press ‘OK’.
  5. Lastly, users need to review system permissions and press “OK” to accept.

Steps to download apps via. AppsNOW system

  1. Press the ‘Apps’ button on the remote of your Sharp smart TV.
  2. An‘AppsNOW’ option will appear on your TV screen. Select AppsNOWpress ‘OK’ button on the remote.
  3. A filter option appears on the TV screen sorting out available apps into various categories such as Music, Movies and TV shows, Technology, Lifestyle, Games, etc.
  4. Users can then select the apps from the Store and press ‘OK’ for installation.
  5. After the apps are installed, a checkmark appears on the top left of the TV screen to enable access to the various apps.

Steps to download apps on Sharp TV through theVEWD App system

VEWD App Systemoffers a cloud-based app store and does not allow users to directly download the apps from the system. You can follow given steps to download –

  1. Press Apps button on your Sharp Smart TV remote.
  2. Select the‘VEWD Apps Store’ option on the screen and press ‘OK’ button on the remote.
  3. Consequently, a ‘Filter’ option to choose app categories will appear on the top of the TV screen. The Sharp Smart TV includes several categories such as Technology, Sports, Music, Movies and TV series, etc.
  4. After choosing an appropriate category, you can then select the particular app you wish to download.  Press ‘OK’ on your TV remote to open the downloaded app.

Notably, users can also mark multiple favourites among the applications through the VEWD App System.

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