Grand Theft Auto has been one of the most classic video games of our times. It has successfully managed a more than decent user base even as it competes against modern stalwarts like Players Unknown Battleground and Call of Duty. Its popularity particularly rose with its GTA Vice City edition.  The acclaimed PC game is known for featuring exciting missions, alluring graphics, user-friendly interface and high-end cars, powerboats and helicopters.

Download GTA Vice City In Laptop Windows 10

However, the only major problem it came with was GTA Vice City game’s free download in PC and laptop. Notably, even after 18 years of GTA, a frequently asked questioned remains, “How to download GTA Vice City in laptop?” While free downloads until recently rarely meant privacy and ethical ways, we do have a good news for the classic GTA Vice City fans. Epic Games and Rockstar Games have announced that GTA Vice City is going to be made available for free.

Steps for GTA Vice City free download in Laptop/PC offline:

  1. Go to Epic Games Store
  2. Create an account for free or sign in to your existing account
  3. Download the new Epic Games GTA Vice City for free
  4. Complete the installation process and start playing.

Steps to download and play GTA Vice City in Android Smartphone:

In case, you want to play it on your Android smartphone instead of laptop; you can follow the given steps to remotely link your phone to your PC/laptop.

download gta vice city in laptop windows 10 for free 2021 2

Note: Do ensure that you have turned on the Bluetooth on your desktop too.

  1. Download the Steam Link on your phone
  2. Open app Settings
  3. Select on the computer option
  4. Scan for devices in the Bluetooth range and link it to your laptop
  5. Once the Steam Link app is linked with your laptop, re-open“Settings” in the app
  6. Go to Remote Play
  7. Tap on the option to “Pair Steam Link”
  8. Enter the 4-digit code (that appears on your phone) on the desktop for pairing
  9. It will link your smartphone to the GTA Vice City on the PC. Thus, you can now enjoy playing GTA Vice City for free on your Android too.