Call screening, call blocking or call rejection are all terms for the same thing – to block a number and avoid contact. It is a widely used feature that offers privacy and allows users to block incoming messages or phone calls from certain phone numbers. However, the very popular Jio phones are not equipped with this feature that is usually in-built in other phones. Jio users are able to block contacts or unknown numbers  using other methods that we’ll discuss here. 

How To Block Number In Jio Phone is a common query, and there are ways to get around it. However, the answer to the question ‘how to block number in jio phone step by step’ needs a slightly different approach. In the case of Jio Phone 1 and Jio Phone 2, there are certain steps that need to be followed to successfully block a number. 

How To Block Number In Jio Phone – Step by Step  

The easiest, least complicated method to do this is to download the Jio Security app from the App store. Once that’s done, these are the steps to be followed, beginning with adding a contact to the block list :

STEP 1: Open your phone and launch the JioSecurity app from the Home Screen

STEP 2: Swipe the screens one the app till you approach the Device screen

STEP 3: On the device screen, there will be an option for ‘Call Blocking.’ Tap on this

STEP 4: You will find a ‘Block List tab’

STEP 5: You can then tap on ‘Block all unknown callers’ to block calls and messages from all unknown numbers

STEP 6: If you wish to block only specific numbers, tap the ‘+’ sign in the bottom-right corner of the app

STEP 7: Select a contact from the Call Log or Contacts list that you want to bloc

STEP 8 : Tap on ‘OK’ to confirm

STEP 9 : To add a new contact to the block list, you can type the number and the name, and then tap on Block option

STEP 10 : You can ten tap on ‘OK’ to confirm the action of blocking the given number 

If you wish to remove a contact from the Block List, these are the steps to be followed : 

STEP 1: Launch the JioSecurity app from the Home Screen

STEP 2: Swipe to arrive at the Device screen

STEP 3: Tap on Call Blocking

STEP 4: Tap on a contact to be edited or removed on the Block List tab 

STEP 5: Edit the name/number and tap ‘OK’


Tap Delete, and the contact will be removed from the Block List

How to block a number on Jio phone without Jio Security App 

There is another alternative to blocking a number on Jio phone without the Jio Security app.  In order to facilitate this method, you will need to have an active internet connection. Please ensure that your mobile data connection is turned on before resuming : 

Step 1: Tap on the Menu

Step 2: Locate the ‘Jio chat’ icon and tap on it 

Step 3: The contact list which is present in your phone will appear 

Step 4: Click on the menu that says ‘Option,; present on the right-hand side bottom of the screen 

Step 5: Tap on the ‘Setting’ option next to the ‘New Group.’
(There will be multiple options available, like ‘Profile,’ ‘Chat Setting,’’Language,’ ‘Security and Privacy’ and “Clear all chat history.”)

 Step 6: Tap on the option that says “Security and Privacy” 

Step 7: Locate the “Add” option on the left side, at the bottom of the mobile screen

Step 8: Select the contacts to be blocked 

Step 9: Tap on ‘OK’

This is the step-by-step process to block contact from a Jio phone.

If you change your mind and wish to unblock a certain contact, you can remove the contact from the block list.

One may wonder what information the person who has been blocked is receiving upon the action. The person or contact which is blocked does not receive a notification stating that they have been blocked. 

Upon calling from a blocked number, the user will receive a notification that says “The number you’re calling cannot be connected,” or there will be a busy tone that disconnects the call.