How Secure Is The Apple’s Face ID? We Guess ‘Not Much’!

When Apple recently introduced Face ID in its latest flagship iPhone X, the company claimed that its facial recognition software has a one in a million chance to be beaten. However, recent experiment performed by IT security researchers at Bkav in Vietnam has proved Apple wrong. The researchers has created mask that can hack Apple’s Face ID.
The mask, believed to fool Apple’s Face ID, can cost $200 to produce. According to the Bkav researchers, the facial recognition software designed on the TrueDepth camera system is not completely secure. There are chances someone might hack it with little expertise. The researchers revealed how they have beaten the security of Apple’s Face ID without using any special software or hacks. They claim, the task just requires 3D printed frame, a silicone nose, makeup, 2D images and special processing on cheeks where there is large area of skin.
The security experts have to first understand how this AI inspired facial recognition software works. Thereafter, they tested the face id iPhone apple
Apple’s facial ID for its efficacy. They knew that Apple’s Face ID can recognize a person even when his face is half covered. Thus, they have to only replicate half of the face to fool the facial ID. They found the task simpler than they thought. They ended up creating a mask that could trick Face ID, for $200 only.
“We used a popular 3D printer. Nose was made by a handmade artist. We use 2D printing for other parts (similar to how we tricked Face Recognition 9 years ago). The skin was also handmade to trick Apple’s AI,” researchers wrote. They also said years of development in face recognition do not guarantee complete security for devices such as computers and smartphones. According to them, fingerprint is the best biometric security so far.
The Apple’s facial recognition software is based on the TrueDepth camera system. It makes use of more than 30,000 invisible dots that are projected onto the face to build unique facial map. Its unique infrared camera reads the pattern of dots and captures an infrared image. It works in dark and even when you are wearing sunglasses or have grown beard.
However, the new experiment clearly warns Apple users about this new Apple technology.
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