The rapid spread of online media has ensured that people have multiple options to remain connected. Technology too has taken a leap and with Twitter and TikTok leading the lot, questions are also being raised on their safety aspects.

A common concern that has come up during the recent past related to TikTok. An increasing number of parents also express their inquisitiveness to understand TikTok and know if is TikTok safe to use?

What exactly is TikTok

TikTok safety concerns became a matter of common discussion during COVID-19 when talks of the boycott on Chinese products began making rounds. Many people do not have an idea as to what exactly TikTok is. Before we dwell on the fact that is TikTok safe to use, it would be better to understand the basics of TikTok.

TikTok is a social media app that people generally use to share videos. Lip syncing to a song and dance videos is generally shared through this app.

How safe is TikTok?

While youngsters are attuned to the use of TikTok and rarely think about the safety concerns, the elders in the family do debate on the question “is TikTok safe to use”. In general, the use of any social media application has risk factors associated with it.

There are TikTok safety concerns and children can listen to songs that might have inappropriate language or end up watching mature content. The risk of being bullied on the app also remains high. The app has addressed these safety concerns in TikTok’s Safety Center and you should check these out. Adult supervision and setting the account to private also make it safe.

When a user signs up for TikTok, the account is set to public by default. This means that the videos can be seen by anyone, direct messages can be sent and the location information can be used and misused. Switching to private settings restricts the reach of this app and only those listed can see the details.

Alternatively, the settings for messages, comments and reactions can also be set to “Friends” instead of “Everyone”. The security concerns related to TikTok can thus be addressed.

Additional Security Measures

In addition to the above-listed measures, you can take some more precautions to ensure TikTok safety. “Suggest account to others” option can be switched off. This will restrict the account from being suggested to users who are not in your friend circle.

The privacy and safety tab in TikTok has a feature through which you can disable features like allowing the videos to be downloaded. This also adds an extra shield of security to the account. You can also choose from among people who can send you direct messages.

Lastly choosing the family safety mode also makes TikTok safer as it allows parents to have control over the app.

Parents should also check this place for support.

Parental Control on Google Play can also be set up to make apps like TikTok safer.

This was an honest attempt to address all the concerns regarding “Is TikTok Safe to Use”. Lest you have any more doubts on the topic, do not forget to share your suggestions and comments with us.