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How is WhatsApp vs. WhatsApp Business?

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When was the last time you used WhatsApp? I guess 5 to 10 minute ago, right!! An everyday companion, we use WhatsApp for every little thing – from communicating with our friends and family to sharing videos, images, to sharing contacts and even for sending important documents and files.  One can also use the pin up feature to see the old conversations with our friends.  Having evolved from just being a messaging app to something that has become indispensable, WhatsApp has introduced the WhatsApp Business App for small business owners. The WhatsApp business app is not typical messaging app. Let’s dig in and see how the two are different from each other and what makes WhatsApp business more useful for entrepreneurs.

The new WhatsApp business app is suitable for everyone who wants to take the creative path to earn more profits. Focusing on privacy and commitment, WhatsApp business app is sure to make your life easy.

The Big Difference

WhatsApp business app has the following new profile features:

1. Private groups for business discussions

2.  Facility to receive messages from customers

3. Message from friends and all WhatsApp contacts

4. Hundreds of notification from existing groups

5. Notification on WhatsApp stories

Exciting Features in the New Business App

whatsapp business app

The major visible feature in WhatsApp business app is the Business Setting. It has a sub-setting greeting message that you cannot see in normal WhatsApp. For instance, here are some basic features that the old WhatsApp has been devoid off:

1. Profile

2. Statistics

3. Away message

4. Quick replies

5. Greeting message

whatsapp business feature

Benefits of WhatsApp Business

With the new WhatsApp Business App you can now create a business profile with helpful information for your customers like your business description, website URL, email, address, and phone number. WhatsApp Business app highlights the mails that you have received, the several unseen documents and files, complete information about the business.  Here are some of the advantages that the new app has brought with it:

1. Helps to build B2C interaction

2. Aids in business promotion

3. An excellent marketing alternative

4. Uses a convenient Chatbot style

5. Authenticated and secure

WhatsApp Business allows the business owners to market their products & services in a sophisticated way. They can showcase their products on an open forum and also amongst user groups. This is a great way for companies to build a reputation. Also, once the request has been made, the buyer gets an automated greetings message.

Aside from using WhatsApp to send and receive messages from customers, you can also send and receive messages with WhatsApp Business on your desktop or laptop making it more accessible.  WhatsApp business app makes life easier for the customer support team. It is a nice move that WhatsApp is going all-in for small businesses. You can access important metrics such as how many of your messages were successfully sent, and how many were delivered and read etc.

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