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How Does Sony Xperia SL Compare with Samsung Galaxy S3

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Sony Xperia SL and Samsung Galaxy S3 are the most coveted smartphones and if you are in a fix  that which one to buy then here is the quick comparison between the two.

Sony Xperia SL (Andriod 4.0.4) Samsung Galaxy S3 (Andriod 4.0.4)
Faster processor than Galaxy S3 which means smoother experience while browsing and operating the apps. Samsung Galaxy S3 quad core processor gives you ease while multitasking without slowing down the user interface.
Has far better camera resolution than Galaxy S3. It has 50% more mega pixels than S3 which means better picture quality. Those who have a knack for bigger screen, Galaxy S3 has 11% bigger screen than Xperia SL. Reading and watching videos is more fun.
It has 100% more storage space than Samsung Galaxy S3 which allows downloading more apps, songs and films. S3 is a looker. It is far slimmer than Xperia SL which makes it easy to carry around.
 It is enabled with DLNA which makes sharing music, photos, and videos over wifi a cakewalk. S3 has a memory slot  so that you can store more movies , pictures and songs.
Has 45% more download speed than SL so that you can stream the videos in a jiffy.
 S3 lasts more days without charging as compared to Xperia SL.Around 40% longer Battery Standby Time than Sony Xperia SL.
It even has a longer battery talk time than SL i.e. 154% more talk time than SL


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