How Does iPhone X Work Without A Home Button?

How does an iPhone without a home button work? The new iPhone X has got a design that has never been seen before! The upcoming all-screen Apple device features an edgeless OLED display that doesn’t have the home button. Two prominent functions performed by the home button were–unlocking the phone and invoking Siri. Now that there is no home button, the two functions have been replaced by other features.
iPhone X can be unlocked using Face ID unlike before. Earlier iPhone devices had touch ID for unlocking them. If you want to turn Siri on, keep pressing the side button for a few seconds. Now that we have alternatives for the home button, we are less likely to miss the old feature. However, there were many important functions that the home button alone could perform. In the iPhone X, these functions have been replaced by a multitasking pane that lets us perform multiple functions on a single screen.

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To return to the home screen, you now have to swipe up from bottom of the screen. But before that you have to call the multitasking pane to action by simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen to middle. Make sure not to remove your finger during this swipe.
Switching between apps has also become super smooth with the iPhone X. Apps can be switched by swiping them to right or left of the horizontal home bar. And switching apps does not require activating multitasking pane. We do not know much now, but the upcoming iPhone sure has some interesting UI effects.
Yesterday, a Twitter user posted a video of iPhone X on his Twitter account. The video shows the new iPhone at action for the first time.


Pre-orders for iPhone X begin on October 27 in around 55 counties worldwide which is a week before its release on November 3. The upcoming iPhone is expected to go out-of-stock on the day of its release.
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