How Croma E-Care Program Is Recycling E-Waste?


Environmentalists have been raising concerns over the mismanagement of non-biodegradable waste over many years now. As we continue to move towards an era of technology and digital gadgets, increasing electronic waste has further added to these concerns. E-waste is one of the most hazardous categories of waste for human health, especially for children.

The Global E-waste Statistics Partnership had reported in 2017 that the world currently discards approximately 50 million tonnes of e-waste every year. Moreover, as per the reports for the year 2016, only 20 percent of the total e-waste discarded in that year was formally recycled.

Now the onus is also upon the tech companies to reduce e-waste and recycle materials in its manufacturing process and supply chain. With its Croma e-care program, the leading retailer of electronics in the country aims to contribute towards reducing e-waste. The campaign aims to ensure safer and responsible recycling and disposal of electronic waste.

Croma E-Care Program To Help You Recycle E-waste

Consumers can contact the company stores to drop their electronic waste under its e-waste disposal program. Further, the company also provides pick-up for electronic waste directly from their home in cities where Croma stores are available.

Electronic waste is not only harmful to the environment but also pose a direct threat to the person handling it. It contains several toxic elements including lead, mercury, cadmium, and chromium. Thus, it becomes essential that all the e-waste is treated and disposed of by trained professionals only.

Therefore, the company has tied up with a government authorized e-waste management facility, JustDispose Recycling Private Limited. All the e-waste collected by Croma is sent to the JustDispose recycling facility for safer segregation and disassembly of the e-waste in a scientific manner.


There, all old and usable electronics are renovated to boost education and livelihood in rural areas. Then, after the disintegration of non-usable gadgets, toxic materials such as lead and mercury are sent to government-run Common Hazardous Waste Treatment facility for their safe and environment-friendly disposal.

Notably, Croma also plants a tree in the name of the people dropping their e-waste. Later, an e-certificate with a unique number is sent on their e-mail ID to help them track their trees on  The company has already planted 1,06,688 trees so far.

Moreover, it is heartening to see that several of the other leading players across spheres of tech including Google, Apple and Samsung are also attempting to contribute towards sustainable development by reducing and recycling waste and promoting renewable energy. Recently, Amazon also pledged to contribute $2 Billion towards Clean Energy.