Friday, May 17, 2024

How Chris Harrison is Innovating with Fingernails Touch Recognition

The latest innovation or invention that is out to shock the world belongs to the world of touch-based gizmos. Chris Harrison, from Pennsylvania’s Carnegie Mellon University has been credited with inventing a prototype that recognizes the distinctive touch of fingernails, knuckles or even fingertips of users. The technology could bring in yet another revolution in the market of touch screen gadgets.

Harrison has patented the FingerSense software that comes with sensors built with the capacity to distinguish the vibration felt on screen from various parts of the human palm. There has been no announcement made about when this technology would be available on gadgets, yet.

As of now, Harrison says, “A big problem with touch screens is that they are very simplistic, relative to the capability of our hands. We could do so much more. The more ways you will have for expressing input into smartphones, the better device it would be.”

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