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How About A Closet Appliance That Sanitizes Your Wardrobe? Samsung Has Done It

The struggle of completing all home chores with everyone being around has been a hard one. Adding to the daily task is the blurring boundaries of work from home culture where we aren’t really left with any time in hand for “Me Time.”From cooking 3 meals every dayfor the entire family to washing utensils, doing the laundry and cleaning the entire space, I only dreamt of an extra hand to wash, iron and fold my clothes. And here it is, Samsung AirDresser at my rescue.

Samsung’s Automatic Dry Cleaning Wardrobe

Samsung AirDresser

Samsung is loved for its thoughtful innovation and for its commitment towards infusing refined style in everyday life. Samsung’s latest smart home appliance, Samsung AirDresser uses a combination of steaming and heat-pump powered drying in the closet itself.  The super versatile and functional wardrobe comes with space for six hanging garments and includes a set of weighted hangers to ensure your pants don’t wrinkle out. The Samsung AirDresser is pretty easy to use and is absolutely safe for formal suits, silk gowns, woollens & knits, leather, fur, and denims as well. The smart wardrobe by Samsung is also safe for baby clothes, toys and bedding.

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Advantages of Samsung AirDresser – The Smart Wardrobe

  • Unlike the traditional washing machines which consume loads of water to complete a cycle, the Samsung AirDresser saves water and mounting electricity bills.
  • The Samsung smart wardrobe makes it easier for the elderly to do their laundry
  • The deodorizing filter takes care of smells and also has a an in-built Sanitize Cycle feature that produces high-temperature steam to effectively remove 99% of common bacteria and dust mites.
  • The heat-pump drying cycle of the Samsung AirDresser ensures your favourite outfit doesn’t shrink or lose its sheen.
  • You can also use the Samsung smart wardrobe as a dehumidifier by inserting a dryer sheet into the Fresh Finish compartment. Just remember to keep the door open so that your clothes smell like fresh linen.
Samsung AirDresser

Designed to fit in with your smart lifestyle, Samsung AirDresser is a convenient and cost-efficient at-home solution to care for their clothes. The best part is you can easily control your laundry cleaning by connecting the AirDresser with Samsung’s app via WiFi. The app also supports remote control and notifies you when cleaning cycle is complete.

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Why Invest in Samsung AirDresser?

The traditional washing machines twist and turn your clothes in every direction to get that dirt and sweat out. This not only takes the shape away from the garments but also make them look dull and worn out in just a few washes. The Samsung AirDresser, on the other hand, prolongs the period between washes to ensure less stress is put on fabrics, particularly the delicate ones.  Moreover, the Smart Wardrobe is embedded with pre-programmed cycles for different items, including t-shirts, school uniforms, like jackets, and sweaters. Additionally, there’s also something called Samsung SmartThings integration. This feature allows you to storepresets, get maintenance, water-change alerts, and see energy status on your mobile. It refreshes your clothes after each use and ensures no odour is left lingering behind.  You can now wear your delicate gowns without having to worry about running to the dry cleaners every time you wear your favourite outfit.

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Do let us know if you have tried Samsung’s AirDresser. Feel free to write your thoughts!

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