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How A Classic App- iPeriod Keep Your Period and Pregnancy Worries At Bay!

Recently I got a panic call from a friend. She had missed her periods.  I listened to her paranoid voice for a while and had a sudden urge of asking her the most common question. “When did you last sleep with him? But I stopped. I didn’t want to intervene her intimate space. I fought the feeling of asking her about the contraceptive solution she is using, mostly because I didn’t want to worry her with a set of alarming questions. So, I pulled out my arsenal of apps and scurried through them in my will to find the app called iPeriod- which for years has kept a tab of my menstrual cycle and has helped me kept me aware of my ovulating days.

I asked her about the date of her last periods and quickly added the first and last date of periods. The  app gave me an interesting and colorful calendar view in which I added a few more details about the flow levels (Light, Medium, Heavy) and about the nasty cramps (none, mild, severe).

The calendar showed me her period days in peachy pink shades and her fertile days in lime green shade suggestive of ovulation. I took a deep breath and finally shot the question at her. “Did you sleep with him in these days (her fertile days)?”

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She took her time to recollect the date and to my relief the date was well ahead of her ovulating period. I put her at ease and told her to give her periods some time, assuring her that they will come.  I disconnected the call and a smile bore on my face looking at the comprehensive and detailed period calculator of iPeriod.

iPeriod did not only unburdened my friend of all the mental baggage , but for years now, it has kept my hubby and me at peace. I have set the app in my email alerts so that it constantly reminds me of my expected period date; is it on time or getting delayed. I have also set the length of my luteal phase with the help of user friendly calendar icons and have added a number of cycles to calculate the average.

For some the iPeriod calendar view may not work but I actually keep my sunny side up when looking at  the things in life. For me the gay and vivid calendar works hands down as it provides a lot of information at a glance.

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iPeriod is a great way of knowing what is going on in your body and as a women it is a must have in your bag and in your phone.

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