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Hot on The Heels Would HTC One Take A Charge Against Samsung Galaxy S4 This Summer?



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Hot on the heels, HTC’s latest flagship smartphone; the One has turned to be a stylish and beautiful device that has brought great fortunes to the company. The Taiwanese firm not only impressed users with its the One device but also the internet search giant- Google. Certain rumors are surfacing round the corner, suggesting that Google and HTC might be in talks to release HTC One Google Edition this summer.    

Following the Google’s announcement of releasing the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition at the I/O Developers Conference, online forums and Twitter became a great platform for many Android fans who expressed their desire to see the HTC One Google Edition.

Aiming not to hurt the sales of the HTC One, the firm has denied working on a ‘Nexus Edition’ of its flagship device.

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However, a recent tweet by HTC’s developer, LlabTooFeR says that Google and HTC are working together to release an HTC One Google Edition smartphone. In order to run Android on its device, the HTC One Google Edition will drop Sense 5. Samsung, we hear is also dropping TouchWiz in its Galaxy S4 in order to run stock Android.

The Google Edition smartphones will run on Android with unlocked bootloaders to make it easy for developers to work with the device. These Nexus smartphones will also offer prompt system updates, which otherwise at times take months to reach the smartphones or tablets.

If by any chance, the speculations turn out to be true, would you be interested in buying an HTC One Google Edition smartphone? Share your comments with us. 

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