upvoted reddit websiteReddit, the front page of the Internet, has announced a new website with new content. It is called Upvoted and works as a kind of digital magazine. There will be original digital bits derived from the community but coming from the mother ship, i.e. Reddit, directly.

There are certain stories in this new site that seems to be sponsored but it is nothing new for Reddit as it already is allowing native advertisements in the site. Maybe the new website has been created to offload some of the ads to make both users and advertisers happy.

Upvoted with have contents in the form of videos, Ask Me Anything section, podcast and everything else that Reddit is offering.

Heath Black, product lead at Reddit, said, “We have an editorial team that only works on the Upvoted content. They have editorial oversight into what we write. They will scour every nook and cranny on Reddit on a daily basis to find the coolest stuff, conduct interviews with the creators, and even in some situations orchestrate video AMAs or podcasts,” when asked about how Upvoted works.

The most important different between both the sites is that in Upvoted you cannot comment on any post. However, if you are yearning to do so, you can click on the link provided with the post to follow the original thread and post your comment. Reddit also did not launch any mobile app for Upvoted . May be it will come up with something soon for the mobile users.

Upvoted will publish around 10-20 original content everyday to start with. However, it is planning to churn out around 40 stories a day.

It is now to be seen how Upvoted fare in the vast digital universe.