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H&M’s First Store Opens in Metaverse

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H&M, the world wide famous clothing brand based in Sweden, has set up its first ever store in Metaverse. The brand through its virtual store in Metaverse, will offer its customers a three-dimensional shopping experience. The other renowned stores including Zara, Adidas, and Nike had already joined the metaverse even before H&M.

 The clothes can only be worn by the customers in the digital environment. However, they will have to walk through the store, and select the product of their choice and purchase it in the CEEK city universe. The purchase will be done with CEEK coin.

H&M’s First Store Opens in Metaverse 1

Hennes & Mauritz AB is headquartered in Stockholm, and is a multinational clothing company. The company was founded in the year 1947 by Erling Persson.

H&M- The first retail clothing store in the metaverse

With this, H&M is now the first retail clothing store in the metaverse. The Swedish-brand H&M is highly reputed for its quality and trend, that is offered at very reasonable prices that too in a sustainable way.

As H&M opened a store in CEEK City, CEEK VR tweeted “Shopping in the metaverse with $CEEK Concept VR store presented to H&M by CEEK creates mainstream use cases for $CEEK + scaling virtual reality beyond games”.

All about the CEEK City!

CEEK City is the 3D digital world just like the actual physical world. Although, there is a catch that the clothes bought in the CEEK City can be worn only in the digital environment. Also, the payment for the products bought can only be made through CEEK.

However, the customers can buy the clothes later on from the H&M stores, by using CEEK currency. As the move makes H&M to be the first retail store in the metaverse, CEEK VR also is benefited with the same. CEEK VR will get a proper and better chance to explore the horizons that go beyond gaming.

CEEK is a metaverse project that offers a platform where digital content creators, artists, and athletes, can connect with their in the digital world. Currently, CEEK is providing number of immersive experiences in the CEEK city from sports arenas and lounges to theatre and concert arenas. To make the purchases CEEK tokens can be used. These tokens are not only for the purchase, but can also be used for voting for content, controlling programme, and much more after the token launch.

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