The holiday season… probably June September, March and October mark the release window for Apple’s product line. Usually iPad and iPhone have launch dates ranging from spring to autumn. While the iWatch is anticipated to release at the WWDC in June, the iPad Air 2, iPhone 6 and iWatch will witness a fall launch


History Suggests the Release Dates for :Apple iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, iWatch Release Date:

iPhone 6

The iPhone debuted in June 2007 with the next three products iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4 marking a summer launch each one year after. However, iPhone 4s was kept aback for an October release to enhance sales during the holiday season. As iPhone5, 5c and 5s were released on the 3rd Friday of September, we expect iPhone 6 to go for a similar launch and continue the trend.

iPad Air 2

While there’s a buzz about the iPad size and the screen detail of the new iPad, most of the reports talk about the size of iPhone 6 and batteries of iWatch. This states that 2014 will witness not a drastic change in iPad Air 2. And as most iPad Air have released in October, this is speculated to come during the same time. So we can expect the release of iPad Air 2 somewhere around Nov 1, 2014.


Reports suggest that Apple is using Chem stepped batteries from LG which shows that Apple is soon releasing a wearable gadget. But, when exactly? As it is a complete new device, thus we don’t have any specific launch cycle for it. However, as per specualtions, the iWatch will be come near the fall.