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High On Windows 8: A Surface Phone Is About To Create Rage In The Smartphone Market

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The smartphone market has grown at a breakneck speed in recent years, as latest and innovative devices have exploded into the market, offering us impressive choices. And the latest to hymn its tune in the hypercompetitive market is Microsoft, which is speculated to work on its Windows Surface phone, to launch it soon.

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 will make a smart deal for consumers, but its launch could not really be what the firm’s hardware partners maybe looking up to. Windows Phone 8 is believed to mark the beginning of rage among all other phone manufacturer’s, who are conscious about the tough competition that waits with its launch.

If you think we are speculating too further, remember how earlier Acer got fanatic when Microsoft announced jumping into the tab market with its Surface tablet. And now its decision to plunge into the smartphone market could really affect other phone makers such as Samsung and LG. Nokia Inc is believed to get affected the most as the company has its last hope pinned onto the forthcoming Lumia smartphones, which are speculated to be out anytime soon now. Nokia Lumia currently has Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3 as tough competitors.  Already going through a tough phase, Nokia simply cannot afford another challenger in the smartphone market.

However, details regarding Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 design, looks, launch, or even specs are still kept under locks. We have our eyes and ears open and will get you the news as soon as we learn it from Microsoft.

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