The Chinese giant Xiaomi has caused more than a stir in Indian terrain with the Mi 4i. The MIUI 6 interface overlapping Android 5.0 Lollipop has been a talking point for initial buyers but we figured that the latest ware from China’s Apple has a lot more to offer in this context.

xiaomi miui screenshot

Besides the superb visuals on screen, the grand gesture responses and the amazing fonts styles, what got us hooked was ability to add a fresh home screen to accommodate  phone widgets in a less clustered way. Not that we have not seen this feature in the Note Series from Samsung or the LG L series, coming from a budget maker like Xiaomi, this is a surprise. There is also root access for all apps on the Mi 4i.

Perhaps the best part of the MIUI 6 security app is how it lets you hike up the battery life of the smartphone. There are three battery features such as Sleep, Marathon and Default. What’s more, you can create a personalized/customized profile for battery settings and schedule active and snooze modes too.

The camera on the Xiaomi Mi 4i comes with settings that allows you to click in highlighted tone, panorama as well as HHT. With so much on offer, we sure consider the MIUI a good smartphone.

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