Come July 29 and you will have hands on the Windows 10 version. In case you have been a loyal Windows user using its versions 7, 8 and 8.1, then you can upgrade to the latest OS version for free. However, in case you want to reserve the same before release day, then here is how you can do so on Windows 8-

  • Here’s How You Can Reserve Your Free Windows 10 Copy Using Easy StepsPress Windows Key+C and open Settings followed by Change PC Settings.
  • Next click Update and Recovery on left pane. Choose download option and allow the PC update to begin.
  • In case you are a Windows 7 user begin by clicking on Start and type Update in the query/search box. Next click on the option Windows Update.
  • On the pane at the left, click on Check for Updates. Finally, select All Updates and finally, Install Updates.

Once you perform these steps, the Get Windows 10 application will be downloaded on the computer. Open the same and select Reserve Your Free Upgrade option. Once asked, key in your email address to get the confirmation for this reservation.