We understand your irritation when you have to pay for Microsoft Office suites or software. Good news is there ways you can lap up Office 2013 for a trial period without having to spend a penny. You can access the final or RTM version for this for around two months sans any limitation.Microsoftoffice2013

More so this suite comes packed with all your Office tools such as Lync, Word, Publisher, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, OneNote, Infopath and Visio viewer.

For the Office 2013 Professional version, you need a subscription to Office 365 to get enhanced benefits though. Zooming on to the Office 365 be aware that you have no way to get hands on an offline installer much like Skype.  Thanks to a package you can access, the application download process can be initiated. Here again, the free versions lasts you just about a month.  Also, make sure you have a Microsoft account so as to download the application. 

Be up for a bevy of latest releases in this niche next year with Office 2016. For now, access the previews via Office Preview or Office Universal Apps. Stay tuned for more updates.

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