Heatworks Tetra Dishwasher: Compact and Innovative


Heatworks Tetra dishwasher has become a favourite with homeowners for two reasons. It is eco-friendly and helps to save time. In that sense, Heatworks Tetra is ahead of its time. A small but designer product in the making, Tetra is a tiny countertop dishwasher which comes without a heating element and can complete a full wash in a mere 10 minutes. It won the CES 2019 Best of Innovation Award as well.

Mt. Pleasant-based Heatworks was founded in 2006 by Jerry Callahan. The company has previously designed the Model 3 tankless water heater. Heatworks Tetra dishwasher is set to be a game changer for the company as it can be used to wash baby bottles, wine glasses and more. The key differentiator for the product remains that it uses an only half gallon of water per cycle.

Small but good looking, the Heatworks Tetra dishwasher is a joint effort of Heatworks and Frog design. Together, they have designed the Tetra, which is a two place setting connected countertop dishwasher.

Features of Heatworks Tetra

  • Compact machine
  • Countertop dishwasher
  • Modular racks
  • Allows temperature control
  • Sea through lid

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The technology of Heatworks Tetra dishwasher uses graphite electrodes in place of traditional heating elements.

heatworks tetra

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Here’s a look at some features of the Heatworks Tetra.

Award-winning design

Tetra has been appreciated for its unique design. It was chosen a CES 2019 Best Of Innovation Award Honoree and CES 2018 Editors Choice.

Compact Size

The compact size of Tetra makes it a unique presentation for the users. It is compact to the core and fits easily in the rental, home, business or RV, as the case might be and offers a lot of convenience to the users.

Water Purity ensured

As this dishwasher does not have any heating element, it is almost ensured that no sediment or mineral built up is seen. This makes Tetra a hygienic device in the making.

Water and energy saving design

What makes Heatworks Tetra dishwasher different from other such innovations in the making is its design. The dishwasher has a sectional design that divides the dishwasher’s stainless steel base into three compartments.

The first compartment is ideally filled by hand with tap water being the ideal usage medium. The dishwashing detergent can also be filled in this compartment. The second compartment of this dishwasher contains the sprayer and the heating components. The third compartment contains gray water for draining. This compartment comes into action when the dirty water has to be drained off.

This dishwasher can also be monitored with help of its companion app through which the water pressure can be adjusted. To make things better for the user, the dishwasher can also be operated remotely and the cycles can also be adjusted accordingly.

At any given time, tetra is known to fill up to two place settings per cycle which take only 10 minutes to complete. This dishwasher can be plugged into any of the household electric outlets and has been in the market since late 2018.

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